• Design (new construction, restoration, repair and renovation)
  • Construction Project Management
  • Historic preservations
  • Forensic and failure analysis
  • 40 years re-certification
  • Consulting services




JES Construction Systems Inc. is a construction and restoration company started as such in the beginning of 2005.  We stride in bringing excellence to our work performance and consider our clients' need the focus of our goals.

JES Construction Systems Inc.professional ethics has allowed us to maintain a reputation in which we have no legal issues and are able to provide our customers assurance, security and peace of mind with completion of our services. 

To us, it is important to build solid trustworthy commercial relationships and it would be a great privilege to be able to serve you.

New Construction        /        Hi-Rise Restoration          /         Underground Conduits          /          Asphalt         /        Waterproofing & Painting 


  • Corrosion inhibiting impregnation coatings
  • Vehicular traffic-bearing coating
  • Balcony waterproofing
  • Parking garage coatings
  • Polyurethane injections for leak repair


  • Concrete repair
  • Reinforcing steel (rebar)
  • Structural  cracks repair
  • Beam and Column enlargements,            reinforcements and replacements
  • Epoxy injections for structural cracks
  • Expansion Joints
  • Post tension cable repair

Concrete Repairs  - Spall repairs

​Standard practice for concrete repair of spalls varies depending on the type of concrete element being repaired, cause and extend of damage, location of the spall, and repair material selected. 

The repair process generally includes (a) an inspection to document the extent and detail  of damage, (b) an evaluation to determine the cause of distress and the as-constructed details for the damage element, (c) the selection of a repair material, and (d) the application of the repair material in accordance with the concrete practice and manufacturer's instructions for commercial products.


JES Construction Systems has a security code with a strict policy of zero tolerance. This put us in a perfect record of operations since 2005.

Reinforcing steel (rebar) repair and replacement

Concrete is reinforced with steel to give it extra tensile strength, without reinforcement many concrete buildings would not have been possible.

Reinforced concrete can encompass many types of structures and components, including slabs, walls, beams, columns foundations, frames and more.


  • Chemical cleaning
  • Stucco restoration
  • caulking
  • Non-structural crack's repair
  • Masonry
  • Balcony railings and replacements
  • Impact windows & doors supply and instalation​


Epoxy injections for structural cracks repairs

​Epoxy injection is a common method used to restore monolithic action of structural members is used on horizontal, vertical and overhead cracks where conventional repair methods cannot penetrate and deliver the specific repair product into the crack.

Cracks caused by corroding reinforcing steel should not be repaired by epoxy injection because continuing corrosion will cause new cracks to appear..

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Based on the "Code of Federal Regulations Part 1926 our General  Safety and Health Provisions and Safety training provisions and Education Programs" have provided JES with a work system in accident prevention that makes our work (your project) a safe and protected place.  All this is a standard procedure that meets the latest regulations of FBCand OSHA.

Parking Garage Repairs

Parking garage are exposed to heavy traffic, harsh weather therefore the need for maintenance. repair and restoration is ongoing. If maintenance and repair fall behind, the restoration of these projects can become very extensive and costly.

Kendall Commerce Center
12385 SW 129th Ct., Unit 8 / Miami, FL 33186

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​License CGC. 1512762